Coolest Girl In Jefferson

coolest girl in jefferson

Where to begin? My Sara Elizabeth Zacker was born January 19, 2007. I could tell she was going to be unique right from the start because at birth I just pushed twice and out she came! Ready to take on the world and be the coolest girl in Jefferson.

Felt like she couldn’t wait to begin her life. : ) Sara has always been a mini adult in a child’s body we always say.

She seems to be wiser way beyond her years somehow. She’s only 11 but has a love for 80s rock bands… like Aerosmith, Journey and Guns and Roses. She always loved to sing, and signs with passion. : )

She is beginning to play guitar. I predict she will have her own band one day. She’s also very intelligent and a very good writer.

Coolest Girl In Jefferson

Sara never knows a stranger and speaks her mind. She is very loving and can get you laughing in a second as she slips in some of her dry humor. Everyone loves being around Sara, why not? I mean she truly is the coolest girl in Jefferson!

Love, Mom